Charlie Kristine Shoot most recent email

Hey Charlie,


Grateful hat you’re okay, you reside in a perfect area of the country for server storms, Mare and I count our blessings that we are located where we are, are storms here are relatively “harmless”.  Mother Goddess has a way making it clear to us what’s she thinking. Lol I think in our own finite way of understanding we tend not to expend our thoughts to the infinite possible natural disasters that the multi-verse can dole out to us.  How relatively fortunate we are. J

Missouri Trip

I’m glad you had a great experience during this last trip. You are very easy to work with and like. You could very well be more of a diva and still have people want to work with you; however, your likeability and interests are an added bonus.  I think that all of us are looking to find somewhere to belong (or fit), sometimes we hit bumps along the way; however, for some of us we hope that those bumps haven’t been too damaging, you sound very happy Charlie, happy for you.

Psychic feedback and philosophy on magic (K)

There’s already so much information in this document already that I will respond to your input in an email and not here.  I really want to take the time to respond to this.


I know that this is your lively hood. I want to make an offer that is fair for you and me.

Here are the considerations that I must bear in mind of monetary outlay:

1.  Your valuable time and skills.  I realize that this will take the better part of tour day.

2.  Helper compensation

3.  Lunch/brunch for 3 people

4.  Fuel expense (Mare and I agreed that if you’re comfortable with it we can take our CRV and have you dive it, that way you don’t have to worry aoubt putting extra mileage on your vehicle and I can have it all gassed up and ready to toll.)

5.  Actual Travel Time compensation (TTC) to possible off site locations

a)  Compensation for 6 hours of actual shoot time (See below for shoot ideas)

6.  Purchase(s) of clothing articles

As you can see and you may already know, there are a lot of considerations.

Here’s my offer Charlie:

1.  6 hours actual shoot time

2.  Vegan lunch/brunch/water, so that you don’t pass out and get blood anywhere.

3.  We drive our vehicle to any off site shoot location

Compensation Offer: $400.00 USD





Genre’ Goals shoot ideas and possible locations: (Still working on clarifying these.)

Note: I will most definitely be certain to set boundaries whit what we shoot where as well as abstaining any written person(s) from appropriate party. Trust me, I know this all too well from my ghost hinting.

1.  Fashion (A) (full length): Possible location: Same location as the artistic nude or Ohio city area. I want this to have a very urban feel.

a)   Black blazer

b)   White lacey blouse

c)    Black skirt

d)   Black tights

e)   Black heels

f)     Fancy earrings/echolike

g)   Hair & makeup traditional business look

h)   Fashionable sunglasses

i)      Fashion (A) (full length)

j)      Fashion (A) (full length)

k)    Fashion (A) (full length)

2.  Fashion (B) Sexy, sultry & provocative)) with blues removed exposing parts of breasts. Possible location: Same location as the artistic nude or Ohio city area. I want this to have a very urban feel.

3.  Bikini (sexy, provocative and fun: Possible location: Same location as the artistic nude or Wallace Lake (near us).

a)  Bikini

b) Sunglasses

c)  Heels

4.  Net type outfit (A) sexy, provocative, fun, great angles and shapes, etc.)): Possible location: Same location as the artistic nude or Ohio city area.

a)  Net top (with bra)

b) Net panties

c)  Shirt skirt

d) Net Stockings

e)  Heels

f)    Hair makeup should be monotone but wild

5.  Net type outfit (B) No Bra and breast are moderately disguised)): Possible location: Same location as the artistic nude or Ohio city area.

6.  Street Clothes (Playful, sexy & fun): Possible Location: Ohio City area (near where will eat at the place that serves the good Vegan food!

a)  Tank top

b) Short fun skirt

c)  Fun pumps

d) Panties

e)  Bra

f)    Baseball hat

g)  Hair/makeup general glam & ponytail

7.  Flowy Gown (Cropping, close and pulled back shots) Sexy and moody)): Possible Location: TBD (I have the use of a dance studio; however, it’s only available to me on Sundays.

a)  Gown

b) Stockings

c)  Panties

d) Heels

e)  Jewelry

f)    Makeup hair: Messy up in a bun, glam makeup

8.  Artistic Nude with White gossamer fabric  (will try not to make this obligatory): Possible Location: TBD

a)  Muddy lighting.  Maybe a key (ambient or artificial) and a fill reflector. I know how much you distain speed lights lol  This will be part of my new series called ‘Infinite Focus’. I will set the lighting and exposure and shoot in manual focus with the lens set to infinite. I had really good success with this during my last shoot.  However, (and I mean this in the best way possible) I did not like the model and her attitude; hence, not wanting to use those images from the soot. L

9.  Honesty in a Sun Dress: Possible Location: Metropark

a)  Sundress

b) White panties (no g or string). They should say “oops I’m showing you panties which I don’t normally do.” Playing around maybe on some outside apparatus, having fun.

Let’s talk about the outfits.  Please let me know what pieces parts you have and don’t have.