A legally blind photographer with a droll sense of smart-ass , okay, a lot.  This can be seen in my concept studio pieces, bydesigning & building my own sets I am is able to try to convey a story that includes a lot of subtext;.

My Artistic Statement
I love the art of photography; I beat my head against the tripod on a regular basis wondering how to fix the technical and artistic hurdles that face me as a legally blind photographer. I will not give up, waning eyesight set me free to look deep inside to capture the true essence of what’s in front of me, for without true vision sight is merely shallow. Recently Have decided to shoot with constant lighting.  I have found that this is so much easier for me as a blind photographer  to grapple with.  

Also, I have started to play with videography , boy, lots to learn about that.

I am currently only doing TFCD






If you can only see what I hear...
— From the movie